About Our School

Park Elementary School was established in 1908, one year after Oklahoma became a state. The original little red brick building was constructed in beautiful grove of oak trees.  Local families often came to eat Sunday dinner under these trees, so the school easily came to be known as "Park".

Our school was the first school in the area, and classes through high school were held in the little brick building.  In later years, another much larger building was built, and was called Red Fork High School.  The little red building continued to be used, and a prefab was added for a cafeteria.  All 12 grades continued to meet in this school until Clinton High School was built.  Park School was incorporated into the Tulsa Public School District in 1927.  The present building was constructed in 1972.  It is designed on an open classroom concept called the "Tulsa Design."

Park School is located in the Red Fork community of West Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Red Fork Community has an interesting history.  Red Fork, established in 1884, was located eighteen miles from the junction of the Cimarron and Arkansas Rivers and was for several years the Frisco railroads terminus in Indian Territory.  It was an important shipping point for the cattle raised in the Chickasaw Nation, Shawnee, Sac, and Fox Indian Territories.  In 1901, a thirty barrel oil well was brought in on the allotment of Mrs. J. C. W. Bland. This new shallow well attracted widespread attention and within a few months this village of 75 people had grown into a town of 1,500.  The well brought the first nation wide publicity and oil boom to Tulsa and the Indian Territory.
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